Furlog comprises a team of professionals with many years of experience in the management of terminals and as a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO).


Today, Furlog offers firms space and intermodal loading units or traditional wagons on its trains. Logistics operators turn to us for the shipment of their intermodal loading units, containers, swap bodies and cisterns, thus working with a single counterparty capable of providing full door-to-door services.

Furlog combines custom logistics with detailed planning services covering all shipping needs, based on an in-depth understanding of the requirements and objectives to be met: we guarantee quality, security and flexibility, in order to meet with precision the needs of every type of customer and partner.

Small and medium-sized firms need flexibility (smaller shipment volumes do not justify the use of a company train). For them, Furlog offers a “multi-customer” train service, enabling SMEs to include even just one container or swap body in our convoys. In addition, Furlog also offers logistics operators a complete range of specific equipment.

The core business of Furlog is the development of intermobility. Our vision is to offer the market flexible, high quality products capable of satisfying in the best possible way the various requirements of customers-firms and logistics professionals.

Careful planning of every shipment, large or small, to make best use of the various types of transport available depending on the destination, the route, the type of goods and the transit time requested: these values, important to you, are the values promoted by Furlog and shared with our customers and partners.

Our mission is to contribute to:

  • greater respect for the environment
  • a higher degree of security in the transportation of goods,
  • a more efficient and effective logistics network for firms and all logistics operators.